Some Selling Advice:

There are 5 main reasons a property doesn't sell in a timely fashion: 1) price; 2) condition; 3) location; 4) listing agent and 5) marketing plan.

1) Price: The market doesn't lie! Each agent you meet with should arrive fairly close to the same price recommendation. And, the agent you choose should be able to stand up to their recommendations without asking you to lower the price in a few weeks. If you list your property higher than market value and drop the price later, your property will be market worn. Agents may only show your overpriced property for comparison when they're trying to sell their more realistically priced listings. A future price reduction also sends a negative message to potential purchasers. Your final selling price will probably be lower than had you listed it correctly in the beginning. However; if after a month, your property hasn't sold, you and your agent should discuss the possibility of lowering the price according to current market conditions.

2) Condition: Buyers are looking for model-home conditions. Curb appeal is the most important.  If they don't like what the see on the outside, they won't want to see the inside.  Paint should be perfect and neutral, inside and out. Does the roof look decent? Are things overgrown? Everything should be clean and orderly. You should walk through your property as if you were a potential buyer who is very critical. Ask yourself if you would purchase the property in this condition and would you pay their asking price? Make arrangements for all inhabitants of the house (including pets) to be away when the property is being shown.

3) Location: If you happen to be in a neighborhood where neighboring properties and/or owners may be a little undesirable or you're on or near a busy road, this could be considered a negative factor and will have a direct result when pricing your property. Your agent should be able to recommend a good strategy to overcome a bad location.

4) Listing Agent: In today's market, it is more important than ever you pick a listing agent that's right for you!  Make sure your agent is cooperative, professional and enthusiastic with you and other agents. Just because an agent is a top producer does not guarantee that they have the respect of other agents. If in doubt, check out the agent's reputation and ask for personal referrals. Does the agent list relatively more properties than they sell? A good listing agent treats each client as they are the only one, whether it is a moderately priced or high end property. And the contract doesn't end with the completed offer. A good agent will also assist you with lawyers, bankers, insurance, contractors, etc. Above all, you should feel comfortable with the person you are trusting your valuable asset to.

5) Marketing Plan: Today's agent must have an aggressive marketing plan, allowing you the opportunity to cancel them if you feel they are failing to perform as promised. A good agent will spend thousands of dollars marketing their listings. A good agent will also make sure your listing is available to all agents in the area. It is to your benefit to have 6 - 15 agents looking at your property instead of one. Insist they put a lock box on your door. Make sure your agent makes themself easily available to other agents for booking appointments and ensure you have made it relatively easy for all agents to view your property -- a potential buyer does not want to wait to see your property!

If you're not sure whether it's the right time for you to sell, contact us...we'll help determine the best route for you!



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