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Pine Falls/Powerview

The Powerview Dam
The Powerview Dam

The town of Pine Falls has a history which extends only as far back as 1925.  It started as a timber concession on lands lying to the north of the Winnipeg River, which had been a fur trade route and the main highway to the West since the late 17th century.  This river is over 250 miles long and falls some 400 feet in its course from Kenora to Pine Falls.  The original falls was 2 miles upstream from the millsite.  The town was built around the "mill" as the locals like to call it and was the focal point  for all employment and activities. 

The "mill" changed hands many times over the year and has since closed down, but Pine Falls is still a thriving community with a hospital, golf course, shopping, great fishing, and fabulous restaurants. 

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