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View of Albert Beach Shoreline

Albert Beach is located 3 miles before Victoria Beach and is on the south shore of Traverse Bay, facing Elk Island.  It boasts 2 miles of fine sand.

It was named by the Canadian Northern Railway in 1914 in honour of Prince Albert.  At that that time there was a railway line down to Big Elk Island (as it was called then).

During the period 1926 to 1950, there were only 13 cottages ..most of them owned by rail-roaders, which many of them resided in Transcona.  Today there are hundreds of cottages and it is a thriving summer resort area. 

The focal point of the community is Saffie's General Store where you can find a little of everything.  While grocery shopping, you can stop to browse the internet, read a book, or just enjoy a cup of coffee.  When you're hungry, just cross the street!

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