Some Buying Advice:

Find an agent you feel comfortable with and rely on their experience to locate "the property of your dreams".

There are many listings available.  A good agent will:

  • Take into consideration your needs and wants and show you only properties that meet your criteria.
  • Show all properties in your search range -- not just theirs.
  • Help you with all the necessary steps along the way, ensuring you can walk into your new property worry free.

If you're not sure whether now is the right time to buy, contact us and we'll help determine the best route for you.

Now you have the right realtor for you and you found the property you wish to buy and are trying to determine the price to offer.

This is a decision full of questions and uncertainty.  It requires analysis, consultation with your realtor and a generous amount of thought. Your offer is not all about price.  There are many reasons a property is on the market -- not all of them financial. 

  • Terms can play a major part in an offer.  Less is more.  You are placed in a better position when the vendor considers your offer.

  • Inquire whether there have been other offers on the property.  This may give you an indication of how motivated to sell the vendor is.

  •  How long the property has been on the market also factors into the vendor's motivation or it may just be a sign of the market strength. 

  •  Are there a lot of other properties similar to the one you like?  If so, this can be used as a bargaining tool when negotiating your price. 

  • Do you have your financing in place?  If you can arrange a faster closing of the transaction, the vendor may be more willing to negotiate price with you.

  •  What is the condition of the property?  Is it in pristine condition or has it been neglected.  These will all play into the pricing model.  

  • And finally, what has sold?  While you can determine the fair market value is by looking what is on the market, what has been sold will give you an idea of what other people were willing to pay.  This is important to review with your realtor so that you know what a fair price to pay is. 

When purchasing a property look at it through the eyes of the seller.  What would you sell it for?  Don't miss out on the perfect property because you're frustrated with the negotiation process.  Know your limits, but also look at the big picture of what this particular property could mean to you.




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